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Tool #1: GET LEADS

  • Scours the internet for leads looking to buy what you could be selling them.
  • E-mail them all with a touch of a button.
  • Sell directly to the buyers or do deals with other sellers.


  • Dominate the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Find all the sites on page 1, 2, and 3 of the search engines that you can post on.
  • Get free exposure from leaving posts and links on ranked sites that get tons of traffic in any market you want.


  • Siphons traffic and sales from your competition to you.
  • Get more traffic to your own offers.
  • Become an affiliate for other offers and send traffic to your reviews.


  • Find Inexpensive Outsource Sellers on One Side.
  • Match Them With All the High End Prospects on the Other Side.
  • Find Buyers Willing to Pay Flat Fees as well as Accepting Bids!
  • Search Everything at Once!


  • Easily Find the Top Selling Products on Ebay.
  • Filter By Most Bids, Best Selling, Etc.
  • Turn Around and Search for Either More Buyers on Our Secret Lead Source Sites or Find Cheaper Sellers to Run Your Own Auctions at a Profit!
  • Awesome market research tool!


  • Find leads associated with any site out there.
  • Search forums, directories, blogs, etc. for leads that are talking on it.
  • Easily filter and export them to pinpoint targeted leads.

Tool #7: AD FORGE

  • Easily Create Nice Looking Graphical Ads in Minutes.
  • Use the Updated Built-in List of Free Classified Sites to Post To.
  • Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales to Your Offers!


  • Artificial Intelligence that Instantly Lets You Post to Dozens or Even Hundreds of Forums in Your Market at Once!
  • Turn One Post into Hundreds of Unique Ones with Our Spinning Feature.
  • Market Your Products or Spread Your Word Across the Web in Mere Minutes!

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